Social Responsibility

As we are passionately dedicated to Vision 2030, we are fully committed to "giving back" to our local community.  In collaboration with local technical centers, we have embarked on a mission to recruit qualified candidates to enroll in a nine month training program in health and safety.  Upon completion of this program, these individuals will have developed the knowledge base and skills necessary to become full time safety officers working for our company.  We are currently planning to expand this program to include multiple professions within the construction industry.
As part of our mission, we are also currently collaborating with local and regional universities in providing practical training to students for a durational period of up to six months.  This training is to be provided on our sites to qualified students and will serve to also fulfill the students’ degree requirements.
Furthermore, we are participating in the "Tawteen via Development” Program in the Al-Ula region, which assists many locals in learning the necessary trades and skills in order to develop their own businesses.